In the words of JT Foxx… “Take action, never quit, no excuses.”

After a day-long training seminar I was somewhat in two minds as to whether I stayed on for the evening guest speaker. I hadn’t previously heard of him and was mindful that I had much to do from the training session that day.

Now, with the benefit of hindsight, I wholeheartedly know that the decision to stay was, without question, the correct one. This larger-than-life character, whom I very quickly knew was JT Foxx, took the audience by storm for an hour and a half and completely filled the room with energy.

There were so many elements I took from that first 90 minutes that changed my outlook on a number of things, both personally and professionally. The words that stuck with me most and resonated in my mind was his powerful statement “take action, never quit, no excuses”. I thought, this guy gets it, he knows what so many people need; a good, strong and hard-hitting dose of motivation, to get them to take action.

That’s exactly what we (my wife, Nina, and I) did. We immediately signed up to attend one of JT Foxx’s weekend training seminars and what has happened since is simply phenomenal, and we’ve not looked back.

When it comes to business coaching, sometimes you just need to be told. JT is straight-talking, frank, even sometimes brutal with his feedback and viewpoints. But, when having a coach, you don’t want someone to tell you what you want to hear, or be sensitive to your feelings; you need to know what you need to change and what you need to focus on. With JT, that’s exactly what you get. It’s direct, but most importantly, you know exactly what you need to implement.

I frequently listen back to our first one-to-one coaching session with JT and categorically know that that those 31 minutes with him were the turning point in our development and the platform from which we were able to brand and grow our business. It also astounds me as to how much I’ve learnt and how much my approach to business has changed, for the better, in such a short space of time; it truly is inspirational.

It didn’t end there though. Through the programme we signed up to, we have spent time at JT’s house, receiving training from JT, his coaches from within his organisation and also his personal coaches, such as George Ross, Donald Trump’s former Executive Vice President & Senior Counsel.

We’ve also attended JT’s Dream Team, a four-day mastermind, whereby a group of entrepreneurs are individually coached in front of the group, so everyone not only learns from their personal coaching, but also learns from the coaching of others. It truly is an exceptional environment to learn in.

In addition, we are also able to attend JT’s regular two-day training events, anywhere in the world, as part of the package. These events always, without exception, are filled with new content, new speakers and offer exceptional learning experiences.

Until this point in this blog it may seem that the only benefit of my connection with JT Foxx is the coaching that he and his organisation provide. Well, I can assure you that it’s not, as being connected to JT Foxx goes way, way further than that.

Not only is the coaching world-class, so are the people that JT and his organisation attract. The level of fellow entrepreneurs, business owners and like-minded people that we’ve met through JT’s events and through his personal recommendations and introductions, are to a much higher level than any other event we’ve attended. We now have business relationships, strategic partnerships and personal acquaintances across many different countries, with whom we would have never met, had it not been for JT.

The training and coaching alone offer great value for money. The connections you make as a result of being a part of this network change the shape of your business.

When I take a look back at the last 18 months, I can attribute so much of our business success and personal growth to our engagement with JT Foxx. From branding, mindset, decision making, business planning, investor relations, our outlook, our network, how to better engage with clients and so on. All of this can be linked back to the training, coaching and network we’ve grown as a result of that first evening, when JT told me “take action, never quit, no excuses”.

As I’ve book-ended my blog with that statement from JT, I thought it pertinent to close with two quotes from JT’s recent book “Millionaire Underdog”, which, for me, sum up JT’s no-nonsense approach:

“Success is the sum of the choices you have made in your life. Everything in life happens because you took action. If it hasn’t yet, it’s because you didn’t take enough action.” “Stop talking about it; get it done.”

I’m Richard Peutherer, thank you for reading this blog. Take every opportunity. Coaching works. Be inspired.

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